Whale Tailn

Whale tail'n is a phrase describing the waistband of a thong or g-string when visible above the waistline of low-rise pants, shorts, or a skirt creating a shape resembling a whale's tail.
We went fishin' for Whale Tails and caught some sweet red snapper! These gorgeous babes love wearing those low riders that expose their thongs, and we love them for it. Watch us lure them into nasty hardcore action!

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This sweet teenage blond was bouncing her way down the street when my dong picked up her thong on radar. I pulled over, offered her a ride, and drove directly back to my house. Unwrapping this perfect little package was a delicious delight. I nearly jizzed my pants when I saw how young, soft, and fresh her pussy meat really was. You'll die when you see it! Dude, I fucked her so goddamn good, I made her cum four fucking times!

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I spotted this pink whale tail from across the street. She took well to my advances, and I easily lured her skinny ass back to the mansion. She loves being a dirty whore and is proud of her cute little pussy, so fucking her was more than a treat. If you like girls who do exactly as they're told, you'll love this sexy babe. Watch me pull her hair, slap her silly, pin her down and force my cock down her throat. I tore this spinner apart!

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This horny girl caught me staring at her whale tail. Since she didn't seem to mind, I forcefully grabbed between her legs and got her pussy too hot for her jeans. She then begged me to pull her panties to the side and finger her in the great outdoors. A big titty natural, she had a bum built to take a beating, so I slapped her white ass hard while i licked her sweaty cunt. My monster cock turned her face into a cum canvas.

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A truly incredible piece of ass! Look at those cute little dimples and those devastating eyes. Micah's mouth will show your cock the respect it deserves while her hands delicately massage your balls. This is the girl you've always wanted to fuck. It's as if her perfectly pink pussy has been ergonomically designed to cushion every inch of your cock. If you love sultry brunettes, it just doesn't get any better than this! Fill 'er up, fellas.

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